Subscription FAQ

Why should I become a subscriber?

  • Your subscription assures that Berwick Area Ambulance will have the staff, vehicles and equipment required to provide around-the-clock protection for you and your family in the event of an emergency. In addition, your subscription can save you hundreds of dollars!

Do I need a subscription if I have health insurance?

  • Yes. Most insurance companies do not pay 100% of the total ambulance charges. Your membership covers any co-payments and 50% of your insurance deductible for ambulance transports that are medically necessary and approved.

How is Berwick Area Ambulance reimbursed if I am transported to the hospital?

  • If you are a subscriber and are transported to a hospital by Berwick Area Ambulance, we will submit a bill to your insurance company.  We will waive any co-payments and 50% of your deductible no matter how frequently you need our services.

What should I do if my insurance company sends me a check for payment of services provided by Berwick Area Ambulance?

  • Reimbursement checks, or the same amount, must be sent immediately to Berwick Area Ambulance. If this is not done, your subscription will be terminated immediately, and you will be held responsible for payment of all outstanding balances.

Who is covered by a family membership?

  • Anyone who is residing in the household and is listed on the application.

What is NOT covered by a subscription?

  • The following services ARE NOT covered by your subscription:
    • Alternative modes of non-emergency transportation, such as wheelchair van transports; however a 20% discount on medical transports is applied for subscribers;
    • Certain non-emergency ambulance transports, which may be denied or deemed outside the limits of your insurance coverage;
    • Transports which do not meet medical necessity criteria;
    • Any charges related to excessive mileage or other non-covered charges for transports, which are based solely on patient and/or physician preference.


  • Berwick Area Ambulance Business Memberships provide 24 hour ambulance service to your employees, patrons and visitors transported from the business at no cost to the patient. Allowable amounts are collected from the patient’s insurance carrier and will be accepted as payment in full. The patient will not be billed for any amounts not covered; however, if their insurance company pays benefits directly to them, it is their responsibility to forward the payment. Ineligibility*rules apply.
    • Number of Employees: Rates
      1-20: $200.0
      20-40: $250.00
      50-100: $350.00
      100-200: $450.00
      $150 for every hundred over 200

Who is not eligible to apply?*

  • Recipients of medical assistance. Since there is no out of pocket expense, there is no value of having a membership.
  • Those without medical insurance. The purpose of a subscription program is to cover applicable “cost-sharing” amounts after insurance pays.

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Company Information

Berwick Area Ambulance is a non-profit organization that is pat of Geisinger Emergency Medical Services providing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ambulance coverage to the Greater Berwick Area and many surrounding communities and has been in service since 1959. We provide 911 service coverage to over 250 square miles in both Columbia and Luzerne Counties. Our ambulance services are based out of two locations one in Berwick Borough and Salem Township with one unit staged out of the Beach Haven Fire Station..

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